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I would like to suggest a few changes & additions here is my list -

1. Increase the render distance 5-8 chunks. (most important on this list)
- Currently the render distance is so low, we can't even see a ghast that is shooting us because its range is greater than the render distance. Or were flying and BAM a wall or a lava fall!
Some may argue this adds load to the server, but its 2022 and 64gb of ram doesn't cost what it used to.

This is absolutely the most important thing on this list. The game looks crappier with such low render, and certain areas become unplayable.

e.g. - the nether ghasts, lava falls, walls come out of no where.
- The End u cant even see the next end island when u are flying, locating an end city is extra difficult when you can only see a few chunks ahead

2. Mana Abilities
- this is a big one for a lot of us survival players, say we advance to the next stage of mana ability, if we do not have enough mana to use that ability we lose the ability until we have enough mana. This shouldn't be the case, the script should automatically choose the highest tier of ability for the mana the player has available.

e.g. - I have say lightning blade lvl 10 it requires 180 mana.... my max mana is 150, I can no longer use this ability until i reach the required mana.

how it should be - I have lightning blade level 10 requires 180 mana, i only have 150 mana so it automatically knows to cast Lightning blade level 8 instead because it's the highest one my mana is capable of casting.

3. High levels being excluded from rewards
- So I have come to the realization, there is no point of grinding to a high level at this time and this could be a reason for players to lose interest.
Basically, I have out leveled any kind of gem rewarding creature in the game. I believe the higher tier creatures should also reward gems to players like the lower tier ones do.

e.g. - I can sit at my zombie, skelly, spider spawner or w.e and slash for rewards. however this does not benefit my level because It takes me 600-700k exp per level.
Now if I kill the creatures that DO benefit my level, they give absolutely no rewards. zero.

4. Contests & Events
- Create some form of contests or events that will keep players coming back, Other minecraft servers have these automatic triggering events that happen which engage the players in some competition whatever it may be.
Hypixel has some great ones, if you devs need inspiration.

e.g.- who can harvest the most of x crop in 5 mins, perhaps a race?, maybe a battle royale arena where the last man standing wins the reward?

5. Claims & Claim Expiration

Please consider increasing the time a players claim lasts, some of our builds take weeks or months to complete.
a 7 day expiration on the claim is a joke, losing all that time is enough to make players quit permanently.

I have been on business trips that last longer than that, and it would be devastating to lose all my hard work after a 7 day period.
It should be at the very least 30 days for a claim expiration to take place.
there are no negative outcomes from doing this.

e.g. -You spent 6 months building your base, but you got sent out to fight wildfires, and you don't have an internet connection. GG.

6. Quests

- Consider adding daily and weekly quests to bring back players who have already finished all the quests, and feel they have nothing left to do on here.

7. Shop

I noticed you removed some of the shops due to players abusing them in order to complete quests, The shop was a very neat feature that I believe should be returned to its former glory. I have a potential solution.

I'm not sure it's possible, but maybe what you can do is double the item list, and for example - Cobblestone, Cobblestone x
This way,
shop bought items will have their own identity, and the quests wont register cobblestone x, but it will register cobblestone. does that make sense?

8. Reward players to actually play the game.

I touched on this in #3, basically the current system rewards people for certain repetitive tasks. It does not however reward players who are actually playing the game to play the game, which in my opinion is wrong. proof of game should be proof of game, not proof of repetitive boring task.

here's an example, I've grinded most of the skills to rank #1 on survival 2.

I didn't get rewards for doing so, I spent many hours, and wasn't rewarded for those hours.

I could have just made a massive crop farm, and ran back and forth all day and got rewards. which doesn't sound all that fun or fair.

Please consider these suggestions,
I believe they will make the game more fun & playable.

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im here to make some suggestions, i have read your suggestions and they make a lot of sense. I hope they take it into consideration and give us a better gaming experince.