Skyblock Suggestion List


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Here is a list of suggestion for skyblock that I took on my first day on the server

-Add a feature to sell fish (The job fisherman feels useless)
-Rework reward for Convey Event (Basic chest are always the same boring thing, The higher tier chest is broken (Got 3 millions in 30 sec))
-The Mining job doesn't work on cobblestone generator
-The Hunting job doesn't work against Zombified Pilgrim
-The Chunk Collector chest seem useless since you autopickup what you break
-When collecting Cannabis once its fully grown it doesn't drop the seed and also got 1 normal quality that was worth less than the seed (Might be wrong could not have been fully grown)
-Add indicator on custom drugs so that we know when its fully grown.
-The mines are so broken it doesn't feel like i need to ever go into my island (Maybe its because the server isn't full yet but we where still 6 fighting for like 30 diamond ore and it still felt broken)
-Because the mine feels broken my cobble generator fully upgrade feels like a waste of money and time
-Remove death animation of monster from spawner (The death animation has a hitbox blocking the mobs and its annoying)
-Add a trash chest so that I don't have to throw 100000 bow and golden sword on the ground making the server lag
-Or remove gear drop from mobs (It could actually be the better option)
-The pvp map is waaaaayyyyyyyyyy too big (From experience, I have a run in the past a 200 player arena server and the map we were making were x5-x6 smaller)
-Remove the Limiter on Render distance (specially in pvp it was almost impossible to spot somebody because the render distance was too small)
-It could even be better to put 1v1 or 2v2 or 1v1v1v1 instead of arena since I don't see people really going there often
-Tags are way too cheap (could x100 or x500 the price)
That's it for today I will make more list in the future that's my day 1 note that I took
Really enjoy Skyblock in general and see you next time