is "Chinese Water Torture Device" (CWTD) allowed? >:)


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so how it works is that the pistons move the player that is inside the machine. so that means that the player can't /rtp aka your trapped there forever :). then water comes out of the wall when a sticky piston moves blocks, which allows the water to flow through. so, the machine will not allow the player to rtp away which in turn kills the player by drowning. this machine is claimed btw so u can't do anything about it. so you can have max stats and still die by this. it will kill anyone even if that person has enough regen stats to regenerate hp in water. it does not matter how much food you eat to survive because it will kill you either slow or fast. before someone gets killed in this machine that I have just invented. I want to see if it is allowed. i am not that sure cuz they have not said in the rules about this, but it still might be illegal depending on what the devs think about this killer machine. PS: dont fall into this machine if you find my base. cuz it will kill you lol.