I'm going to report a kid who ruined the game experience


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yeah, me and spaceman literally had to kill Kral over and over again to keep him from killing Jamespun and Jirunny on server 2. when he saw he was no match. he probably tried to find someone else to troll. then unfortunately he ruined your gameplay experience because he /sethome in your place after he lied to u. if u hear this Neoxacraft staff pls ban this player. he is doing things that are not acceptable. and i am very sorry to all the players that experienced this. so by the way never give your coords to anyone, let them tp to u, or tell someone else your coords on the main chat. because this can happen.

also if what you are trying to say is that someone else killed you or something pls let me know. because i saw Kral in the chat on the screenshot so I assumed it was him, because he trolled the players I knew.

stay safe
sincerely, Rollout.​
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