Buggy Mining/Payouts wrong?


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To start, this is not a post whining about low payouts, but of a genuine concern that a glitch/bug/etc caused an erroneous payment amount. Please allow me to explain.

Today, 9/9/2022 when the payments were sent out, I noticed a HUGE discrepancy in what I received today, vs on 9/6 when it was announced that Mining is what would pay for the next 24 hours, a 16.6x smaller payment for exponentially more work. Please let me explain what happened.
On 9/6 When it was announced that mining is what would be paying out for the next 24 hours I was stoked. One of my jobs is a miner, this is important later. So I spent roughly about 6-7 hours cave mining, not strip mining or anything hardcore but just mining Copper, Coal, Iron, the occasional redstone etc that were out in the open in the cave. That day, 9/6 I was paid out 615 Neoxa, never having mined a single diamond that I can remember or even going to the deepslate layers. Today and yesterday evening after payments, I have spent a collective 11-12 hours strip mining deepslate, finding hundreds of blocks of ore, today I was paid 37 Neoxa. My GF played yesterday for about 9 hours or so and didnt spend a lot of time mining, mined far less than me, and was paid 110 Neoxa. Here are screenshots of the payouts on the respective dates, as well as a list of just the important ores we both mined respectively yesterday.

A screenshot of today's payouts.
Screenshot 2022-09-09 171842.png
The payout I received on 9/6.
Screenshot 2022-09-09 171950.png

About 80-90% of these numbers were mined yesterday, a dev would have to look and verify the exact numbers. We are more than happy to provide a Dev or Mod our in-game names so they can verify what we did respectively yesterday. I can provide screenshots of our overall statistics as well to back up the numbers posted if that would help at all?

These are the numbers of blocks mined, not ores received from mining them.

Deepslate - 16118
Tuff - 3351
Deepslate Redstone - 515
Deepslate Diamond - 135
Deepslate Iron - 350
Deepslate Lapis - 101
Deepslate Gold - 165

My GF mined about 75-85% of her numbers yesterday as well.
Deepslate - 8801
Tuff - 748
Deepslate Redstone - 282
Deepslate Diamond - 35
Deepslate Iron - 346
Deepslate Lapis - 34
Deepslate Gold - 172

Now it was my understanding and have been told by an in game mod that mining was the only thing paying today, so I am more than a little confused as to the huge discrepancy in payment amounts between now and 9/6, as well as between my GF and myself considering the difference in blocks mined, with her mining less almost across the board, yet getting a 3x larger payment.

Now at roughly about 5pm my time on 9/8, the server restarted, after this happened, my GF and I both were not making any in-game money, or points for mining blocks, yet we did for our other two jobs. I am not sure if this was intentional due to testing a new system, a bug, or if this even has anything to do with payments, but it did raise concerns for me that a possible bug has caused my payments to be severely reduced.
I understand payments will vary based on the number of players, overall statistics, and the like, what I am not understanding is why I can directly compare my progress to another player's progress during the same time frame, and yet I was paid the 2nd lowest amount I have ever been paid before for playing and doing the most I have ever done in a day, doing what I have been told was the only thing paying that day. Can you please help me to understand how this can be, and/or if this was a glitch/bug/testing/etc that could have caused an error. Any feedback from the Devs would be greatly appreciated.
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