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To participate on the Neoxa Proof of Game Minecraft server, you simply need to register an account on the NeoxaCraft forum and enter your wallet on your profile. By entering your wallet, you opt-in to the Proof of Game reward. This is not a requirement to play on NeoxaCraft.

To get started on the NeoxaCraft Minecraft server, you should create an account by joining the NeoxaCraft server. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Open Minecraft
  • Click on Multiplayer
  • Direct connection and enter the server address:
  • Click join
  • If you are new to the server, you will be spawned into the main lobby, here you can press T and enter /register
  • Click the link in the game, this will now take you to the NeoxaCraft forum to complete registration. Please note that you need to register in any of the survival realms.

After creating your account, you can add your wallet address to your...

NeoxaCraft website and forum

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NeoxaCraft is a Minecraft server by Neoxa. The server allows players to earn Neoxa by playing Minecraft and other games.

When Proof of Game goes live on NeoxaCraft players can earn $NEOX by playing Bedwars, Survival, and Factions game modes. Skyblock will be added soon.

This website is currently being worked on and is not complete. As soon as NeoxaCraft Proof of Game goes live the website will be up to date.
NeoxaCraft Website.

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